more subway craziness

seems that not only the people on the Sao Paulo Metro like strange combinations, but so do the vending machines (Vending machines for books on public transport systems have been covered elsewhere). In any case the book vending machine at the Barra Funda metro station offers an interesting combination of titles for R$ 4.99 (€2.20) each. next to two titles by Niccolò Machiavelli (‘the art of war’ and ‘the prince’) there is a book about the immensely popular (at least in Brazil) social software application orkut (‘orkut – who do you know’):

book vending machine on the subway in sao paulo

this combination does of course a number of questions: who reads books about orkut? and who the fuck gets the urge to read Machiavelli on the subway? and what is the relationship between google and Machiavelli anyway?

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book vending machine on the subway in sao paulo

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