future generations will be lost…

and i mean this literally. i have already written about the degrading orientation skills of london cab drivers, but in the last couple of days i noticed a much more alarming trend. on three occasions i have spotted people using those irritating gps based car navigation units to walk(!) around town. friggin’ insanity! what do people think they have brains for these days?

first time i noticed this was in the phone shop where two female japanese tourists enquired about the stand alone gps units and bought one although the salesclerk warned them that it only had map data for the benelux on it. they replied that they were fine with amsterdam and bruxelles and needed nothing else, bought it and left the shop. then the other day i saw a group of tourists wandering along the canals one of them holding one of these units in his hands. tonight cycling back form central station i noticed two teenage girls walking along the street both of them staring on the screen one of them was holding one of these devices in her hands:

this time i actually stopped and asked them what they where doing with with that thing. they replied that they used it as a map as they were not form here (obviously! – judging by their accent they came from some Scandinavian country) and that it was in fact much better than a map as they never managed to properly read traditional maps anyway.

i think this fundamentally disturbs me. makes me wonder if people will start removing parts of their brains in order to lose weight. on the bright side this of course points to a much better future for the inhabitants of major touristic hotspots as they wont be asked for the directions all the time anymore. thinking of this, this might actually mean that one day in the near future drunken british males will be able to find the amsterdam red light district by themselves…

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